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How to take care of your clay jewellery

As we all know jewellery will last a life time if taken care of properly, and this goes for polymer clay jewellery as well. 

If you have already purchased a set of clay earring you will know that the clay is slightly flexible and super light weight. But they are prone to breakage if rough-handled just as any piece of fine jewellery out there. Therefore we have outlined some tips for you to get the best out of your jewellery for years to come.

1. Don't get the jewellery wet

Polymer clay is a waterproof, but some details such as the metal studs and rings may get weathered if constantly exposed to water. So it’s a good idea to remove your jewellery before you jump into the pool. Showering with your jewellery on is also not advised, firstly because of the damage you can cause with all the soaps and water, and secondly we don’t think there will be anyone in the bathroom with you to admire your fine jewellery.

2. Avoid contact with chemicals

Avoid any contact with perfumes, lotions or make-up as they may discolour the clay over time. So what we suggest is to first put on all of your lovely perfumes, make-up, and all things pretty and leave your jewellery for last. Pretty much like the cherry on top to round it all off.

3. How to clean the clay

It is best to wipe your pieces with a damp cloth to get rid of any dirt on the clay. Jewellery cleaning agents such as rubbing alcohol may be used on the metal parts especially the stud parts going into your ears. But remember not to soak the pieces or fully submerge them in the cleaning agents.

4. Storing your jewellery

Remember to store your jewellery properly when not in use. Please don’t put your earrings in the front pouch of your hand-bag and hope for the best. Storing them in a cool dry place away from the kids (and pets) is your best bet at keeping your jewellery safe and out of harms way. 

If you follow these guidelines you will get the best out of your jewellery for a long long time. 

Happy shopping!

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